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Cân Elenydd
Preview in Ceredigion Museum until January 4th

Installation in Shift Cardiff 21st-23rd November

It all started with a discovery of a handbag containing pencil written letters from Sianed's great aunt Dilys writing to her brothers in the trenches of WW1; a correspondence with a mystery Mr J.R.Owen from Machynlleth; a gift of a Swyn, a charm of protection; a story of Sianed's grandfather and great Uncle as young lads, walking from village to village around Devils Bridge carrying a harp on their backs; a series of live video/sonic/visual improvisations rooted in the healing powers of a circle. Cân Elenydd weaves all these stories and improvisations together.

A collaboration between composer Sianed Jones, video/ sound artist Jacob Whittaker, abstract landscape artist Mary Lloyd Jones and live artist Maria Hayes.




" Individual possession is the great entering wedge, which has split society into eight hundred million fragments. It virtually, practically and theoretically denies the brotherhood of man." (Hiram Stafford, 1844)