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Increasingly I am posting on The Found of Music rather than on this website as it is much easier to update


A circle in 12 parts is an ongoing series of monthly audio/visual improvisations using Astological vinyl records and ideas as their start point. The first part of the first circle started in April 2020 and I have posted a new video each month since. In the second year I started to invite people of each month's zodiac sign to join me in creating the work, opening the project up for them to contribute and influence the work in any way they feel.

The growing collection of videos can be seen on Youtube or The Found of Music (links over on the left of this page)

A circle in 12 parts: Libra




" Individual possession is the great entering wedge, which has split society into eight hundred million fragments. It virtually, practically and theoretically denies the brotherhood of man." (Hiram Stafford, 1844)