After Open Studios 2008


Following the last mix of Open Studios - 'A Mix for Max and Minna' or 'Webcast with Film-makers' - I continued to explore one of the records used and left on an Aiwa PX-E850K turntable, namely 'Take on Me' by AHA. I continued to play the record for extended periods, the first lasted over 12 hours, with subsequent sessions lasting from 35min to over 6hours, around 28 hours in total.


Session 1: 28/08/08 - Started 10:53am - 11hrs 42min recorded - (3 hours afterwards unrecorded)

Session 2: 29/08/08 - Started 10:25am - 4hrs 6min recorded -
(Watch on Google Video)

Session 3: 03/09/08 - Started 6:00pm - 6hrs 20min recorded
- (Watch on Google Video, 4hrs40min)

Session 4: 04/09/08 - Started 1:20am - 0hrs 35min recorded -
includes Tone Arm Wrestling: Round 1 (opens on youtube)

Session 5: 04/09/08 - Started 8:40pm - 1hr 54min recorded (1hr 10min with sound) -
(Watch on Google Video)
This session includes another copy of 'Take on Me' from the 'Hits 3' album coming in towards the end and went into a mix with Abba - Take a chance on me & two copies of Knowing me, Knowing You. Unfortunately as the camera switched for some reason the audio to this part was lost and has been cut from the video. There's a couple of other mixes that used the same records available through Livestream on demand (available below).

(Sessions are proving difficult to upload to google, and dont always come out at the correct length, I will keep trying)


Use on demand and select webcasts for AHA - ABBA mixes.