Nobody plays records anymore
Broken records with QR codes. (click a code)

Nobody plays records anymore Carson Robison and his Pioneers Cymyshg Caneuon Cymraeg Lorenzo the Llama 9 Days in Devon Yr Hen Wlad: Orsaf Henllan Panaround Shaky Tying Tone Arms Yr Hen Wlad: Gadeal Traeth Abertawe Tweet n Toot Salvaging Playing Red JVC DC-33L 5 Records Rerendered 15 Fragments Another Portrait The Voice of Wales Vintage Picnic Myfanwy Gadeal Abereifed: First Movement Birds in Capel Y Graig Cerdd(ed) Plwyf Llangeler Nightingale in Capel Y Graig Clychau Aberdyfi Gadael Abereifed: Ail Symudiad Charity Records From Charity Shops Mixed For Charity uıʞs ʎɯ ɹǝpun noʎ ʇoƃ ǝʌ,I Western Songs with Bill Shepherd 5 records, 5 turntables and some wire Laying Vinyl Flooring Yr Hen Wlad: Ar Foel Y Mwnt Abba backwards is still Abba
The dominant format for recorded music of the 20th Century fragmented and transformed for the 21st .

The QR codes lead to various videos hosted on youtube involving record playing in some way.
Videos vary and include a 1920s gramophone playing the first published birdsong recording, multiple turntable webcasts, HD edits from the studio and documentation of installations and performances. The image above has had links added to all of the codes leading to the various videos, click a fragment to watch a video. Read more about the project here.