A Reel Project
(Reel #1)


Reel #1, 14min


Reel #1 - a, 21min


Reel #1 - b, 16min


Reel #1 - c, 69min



I've picked up a number of reel to reel players over the years, along with a selection of reels.

The first 3 webcast recordings from 27/01/09 are of a found reel playing on the Philips portable below. I don't recall where the reel came from. The reel itself is larger than the empty reel it plays onto so until I find a large empty reel, a section remains unplayed.

In the second and third session the webcam software corrupted the image to make a picture in picture effect, at least I assume it was the software and not the camera, though it is a Tesco value one for under £5.

The fourth webcast with this reel was made on February 1st and lasts just over an hour.


Re-recording re-recorded recordings


Some recordings are edited to remove long pauses and other material
Full un-edited versions can be seen through Livestream using the video on demand function.