It is difficult to create a coherent narrative to explain the progression of the work that I have undertaken. There are a number of ideas that have been explored concurrently, concerning music, memory, nostalgia and sound aesthetics.
The early performance pieces in the home began as a musical experiment to subvert notions of home entertainment and the hi-fi system. The cctv footage and digital videos of those give a glimpse onto an absurd act in a sitting room. The nature of the machines themselves and their context led to ideas of including personal objects and memories. The setting of the objects in the home seemed to be the natural environment for them, even on mass they somehow did not seem that out of place. On moving them to the studio in college I was worried that some essential element, in the case of an absurdist performance, had been lost. The armchair, rug and photo were placed in the studio space as an attempt to resolve this and as an indication of the machines relationship to the home environment. The armchair is my own and is something that has has been there throughout my life, it was bought in the early seventies and holds particular memories of my early years. The aesthetic qualities of sound with vinyl based music, the unique hiss and crackle of old '78s, the immediate evocation of period by them and the music itself allied to the discarded machines increased my awareness of how these objects create a sense of nostalgia and sentimentality, some more than others.

I began writing about particular experiences of music, what music I could remember from childhood where it was heard and who with. There is no linearity to the memories, they jump from time to time one memory somehow triggering another seemingly unrelated one. There are things I wrote that on reading back I could not in all honesty confirm to be true. This sense of uncertainty and the fallibility of memory led to ideas of creating entirely new memories, a false history. I began cutting up the original text and rearranging it in such a way that it is coherent and believable, containing the same words but altogether different. There are several versions of this, which I then re wrote it to create further confusion as to which might be the real one.