Remember Love...

In addition to the audio work being presented I also produced a text piece which can be seen here:

I do everything


The following text was written last year to describe the installation and to explain its intentions.

Remember Love… (14/02/03)

The installation and performance took place on Valentines Day 2003 in a life drawing room within the college. The intention was to explore the nostalgia and sentimentality inherent in romantic music and love songs and to subvert it into an (un)familiar form. The music itself was chosen for both its sickly sweetness and kitsch quality or for its status as ultimate examples of the genre. The love song is one of the most popular and enduring forms of music as the constant re-recording of certain songs shows. The sentiments expressed in songs of this genre could be said to be the only truly universal and timeless themes within vocal, popular music. In the installation I intended to subvert notions of sentimentality and question the intentions of the songs and our familiarity and fondness of them.
The installation was intended as a presentation of reworked familiar classics and a live performance including both familiar and more obscure songs. Material was gathered mainly on vinyl from charity shops, junk shops and from donations from friends and family. Certain songs used for the reworkings were downloaded from the internet as I was unable to find them on vinyl.
I created a text piece for the installation which was simply printed and displayed on the wall. The text was a number of Haiku formed from the lyrics of Bryan Adams` 'Everything I Do'. The text was used in its entirety and the individual haiku used words only once, and only from the words remaining. The leftover text was arranged to form a longer poem.

The space itself was an odd combination of the collected machines and familiar sitting room objects and furniture. I used my own armchair, sofa and table to create a space which was both domestic and comfortable but also imposing and unsettling with the mass of machines. I also utilised objects from the life room, vase of flowers, tea cups and saucers, bedside table to extend the space to fill the room as much as possible in order to create a cohesive and functional environment. A raised platform used for life drawing was made up to look like a bed and placed in the corner, just in case anyone got in the mood. A number of other objects were used including some classic romantic novels, Turgenev`s 'On the Eve' and Dostoyevsky`s 'A Gentle Spirit'. A small shelf was put up to hold these and a number of cassette tapes.
In addition to my own presentation and performance work I invited a couple of guest performers. I invited my then current now ex-partner Lou Laurens to perform on keyboard. She gave an instrumental rendition of 'My Funny Valentine' on a toy piano. The other guest performance was by Sam Knight a.k.a. 'Photorealism' who gave a cut up karaoke version of 'Stand by your Man' with a large rubber cock and small microphone in his mouth.