The work aims to explore the relationship between sound, music and memory. Like memories the works are distorted or fragmented, layers of different sounds come and go, jumping from one time to another, one leads inexplicably to another. It questions our memory examines its fragmentary nature and asks whether there can be any certainty of its truth.

By taking familiar music, both from my own childhood and more general songs concerning sentimentality and nostalgia, I aim to evoke a sense of uncertainty in how we remember these things. Presenting the familiar in an unfamiliar light through manipulating the songs in various ways.

Some of the images on this site are from performance installation peices I have produced in the last 6 months. The first was titled 'Remember Love...' and was an exploration into the sentimentality of the familiar love songs, their familiarity and the associated feelings become subverted and questioned by the treatments applied.

The other installation titled 'Spring Lament' was a personal investigation into the power of memory. My own emotional journey inspired by the reflective process stimulated the work which was a memorial to those I have lost and struggle to remember. The texts formed a major part of the work, two texts one projected onto another described both the general emotional effect felt through the act of reflection, and more personal memories and their emotional effect.